Sundays Happy Tail!


Sunday is the latest addition to the Embark HQ family! It was love at first sight for us when we first met her, and she is loving the constant hugs and kisses from an over enthusiastic team of pooch lovers,

Otara rescued Sunday from the streets of Bambalapitiya,on a Sunday, walking around with a collar and covered with a layer of dirt, wounds on her body and clearly not having enough to eat. She was taken in to the hospital for a quick inspection, and after some food in her belly and a nice warm bath, Sunday turned out to be quite the pretty lady! She needed some time at the hospital to get some minor treatments, and team Embark got in to action, trying to find her owners.

It was quite clear that she was an owned dog. She is very comfortable around people and has a delightful habit of shaking paws every time she meets someone new!

So we posted on facebook, on twitter and sent out emails trying to find her family, with no luck.

Then we tried to find her a home, but sadly, the adoption rate for adult dogs is quite low. She visited adoption day after adoption day, yet no one wanted to take her home.

So she stayed in the hospital for a little while longer, hoping against hope that she would find some love.

When Team Embark visited the hospital, we just couldn’t leave her alone anymore, so we sneaked her into the office for a temporary visit, until we found a home for her.

And the rest, is history.

We all fell in love with Sunday, and today she is a permanent Embark pooch, joining the ranks with Rani, Rusty and Browny and making a lot of pooch lovers happy as she shakes her paw!


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