Keep your Dog safe!

Every day, Embark receives at least one call for help in finding a lost Dog. Having our own Rusty disappear from office(even though it is just down the road to see his new girl friend) on numerous occasions, we know how hard it is to lose your pet, and the nerve wracking, nail biting, heart breaking anxiety you feel until you find your fluffy friend.

There are many reasons as to why Dogs disappear. Sometimes their adventurous spirit gets the better of them, sometimes external factors such as fireworks scare them, and sometimes they are stolen by breeders. A new trend in Sri lanka!

These are some basic steps you can take to keep your dog safe.

Keep your gates locked

Awareness is key to keeping your flurry friend safe. Your dog needs to be free and not tied down, but make sure that the gates to your garden are always closed.

Neuter your Dog

One of the main reasons as to why Dogs are stolen is for breeding. Neutering your dog will keep him safe from people who steal Dogs for the purpose of breeding. In addition, It will make them less likely to roam, another way by which dogs get lost or stolen.

Olivia Huynh animation dogs 2d animation original work

Use a dog collar with a tag that includes the owners details

The trend of using Dog collars haven’t actually caught on that much in Sri Lanka yet, but now is a good time as ever. It wont help if your Dog has been stolen, but if your dog is lost and found by a kind person, it makes it easier to identify and establish ownership. Better yet, have a small tag with your contact no and name on your pooches collar, that will make identification much easier.

Funimation dog cowboy bebop ein collar

Give your dog plenty of exercise and play time

Dogs are active, spirited animals, and most try to run away when they are bored and need an adventure. Walking your dog every day, and some play time that will help them spend their energy will keep your dog satisfied and from running off.

dog running puppy playing corgi

Train your dog to be comfortable with loud noises.

Generally, loud noises such as thunder and fireworks scare the Dogs. When it comes to seasons such as awurudu and the new year, or whenever we win a cricket match, fireworks are an unavoidable hazard. At times like this, keep your dogs safe place available to him – for example, if your dog runs under a chair or a bed when he is scared, keep the place available for him.

You can also use the following exercise to train your dog to be comfortable with loud noises.

Make a recording of the loud noises that generally scare your dog, like thunder, fireworks etc. Take an hour every day, and play this recording at your house, initially at a very low volume and gradually increasing it. Meanwhile, during this hour, play with your dog, pet him, give him treats and generally engage in activities that relaxes him. Keep continuing until your dog gets comfortable with the loud noises.

music dogs httpsyoutubei80sgwfejmt132

These are a few tips that can keep your dog safe, and make sure that he wont get lost.

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