Valentine’s at #Embark

The resident #Embark pooches are such drama queens. (and kings). Before I go on to tell you how valentines went down at the HQ, let me introduce you to Rani, Brownie and Rusty.

Rani considers herself the queen of embark. She likes to claim her throne at the HQ’s every morning, and by around 10 goes downstairs to guard the main door. She loves being petted, and everyone who visits embark HAS to pet her. No excuses.


Brownie is, well, literally a pudgy squishy brownie. She loves to curl up on her bed and sleep, and sleep and sleep. Occasionally she decides to engage on a tug of war with Rani for the best bed, but most of the time she is happy to loose and sleep – and it does not matter where.


Rusty is the Adonis of the HQ. He is the alpha male, and likes to prove that once in a while by barking really loud. He is also used for photo shoots  and knows just how to pose when we direct a camera at him


Rusty was two timing it all this time with Rani and Brownie, you might say that he is the Archie to Rani’s and Brownie’s Veronica and Betty. Since Rani and Brownie got along fine, this wasn’t too much of a problem, and they lived in peaceful harmony.

Note the past tense.

A few days before the dreaded 14th of February, Rusty fell – hard – for a neighboring lady dog. She struts along near the HQ and sun bathes on the pavement, and, according to Rani, is quite the she devil.

Valentine’s Day approached and Rusty had eyes for no lady but the new girl in town.

Things have been taking a down turn in office since then. Rusty’s bed has been sabotaged, and Brownie has been walking around with down cast eyes. Rani, being the queen she is, has taken over Rusty’s bed and refuses to share, making the poor boy sleep on the floor.

The three dogs are studiously ignoring each other, and we haven’t been able to drag Brownie away from her bed.

Everyone at HQ is hoping that this will pass, since Brownie seems quite heart broken and Rani is on the war path.

Hell hath no fury greater than a woman scorned they say.

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